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Stepping into a wedding car, a good old chariot, or a bicycle? Whatever you choose, flowers will give your vehicle a nice festive look. This finishing touch is an absolute must!

There are many way to decoratie your means of transportation. Think for instance about a beautiful flower piece on top of the motor hood. Or in case of a Chariot on the wheel arches. Flowers in a basket or a garland across the window or from the front to the back is also very attractive. And with laces attached to the mirrors or antennas, you can make following vehicles fit your wedding procession.

The flowers for the vehicle are always matched with colours and flower from the Bridal Bouquet you chose.
In the Photo Gallery you can see different examples.

ATTENTION: many car rental companies say that they can deliver flower pieces, but they do not fit all the other bridal flower work and that's a pity. Bruidsboeket & Zo matches everything, from your bridal bouquet to corsages and decorations for a balanced and beautiful unity.