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How we create it

Bruidsboeket & Zo stands for quality, that is why we use the best professional techniques but still affordable.

The bridal bouquet - be it real flowers or silk flowers - are being tied with corded technique (except for the lowbudget bouquets). This means that every singel flower is attached on a wire so that maximum strength, shape and durability can be garanteed and the quality therefor optimised. On top of that, loss of flowers is minimised by this technique.
The lowbudget bouquets are traditionally hand-tied.

All bridal bouquets and corsages (or buttonholes) are being treated with a special spray which helps the flowers to maintain its 'moisture' and strenght, which reduces the chance of hanging limp.
This spray is odorless and not be felt or seen.

The grip kan be finished with fabric of your choice, like lace or silk and with peduncle/steels or solely ribbon. It is very special to use the fabric of Your wedding dress for the grip.

The corsage of the bridegroom is matched with the bouquet and the suit(s) or dress(es). Bruidsboeket & Zo is happy to give you this corsage as a gift.
We use reliable magnettechnique for every corsage, so that they won't damage the precious dresses and suits, contrary to traditional pins. 

Do You want further information? Please send us an e-mail with your question of fill in the form for a personal appointment.